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Who needs Proper Nutrition More Than Triathletes?

Years ago, I remember watching the IronMan, that original and most-grueling of triathlons, on television one afternoon. And as the coverage shifted from the swim to the bike to the full marathon, I watched as elite athletes dropped out. Even the most highly-trained competitors, favored to win or even leading the race, collapsed by the side of the road, unable to keep going.


It makes me think about the difficulty of preparing for and competing in a three-sport race. Even if your triathlon isn’t the Ironman, any triathlon is a feat of endurance worthy of serious preparation. Your training needs go beyond physical exercise and should always include your training table. After all, who needs proper nutrition more than triathletes?


So if you’re preparing for a triathlon of your own, ask yourself if you’re being serious enough about what you eat and drink, both as you train and in the run up to race day? Are you putting yourself in a good position to succeed or could your dietary preparation use a boost? After all, nutrition has serious consequences for your performance, and neglecting your nutrition can have consequences just as bad as neglecting your training.


Will your body be able to retain hydration through an hours-long endurance race? Is your system prepared to store and process enough energy to keep you going until the end? And are you maintaining a healthy balance of all the micronutrients you’ll need to perform at your best?


If you know the answers to these questions, you can proceed with confidence. If you’re not so sure, this might be a sign you need to spend more time considering your triathlon training diet.

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