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Why Drill Work Is Important

To put it plainly, if you want to be faster in the water you must have proper body position and stroke technique.

The only way to accomplish that is to :

  • Pinpoint what you are doing wrong- Drills help isolate whatever stroke issues you may be having.

  • Correct the problem- Using drills help to create better habits and understanding of stoke or body position issues.

  • Keep correcting the problem- Repetitively practicing drills will make proper technique second nature.


Not to punish or push but to help! Using drill work can drastically improve your overall swimming efficiency, speed, and position in the water. Drills can make you a better swimmer, faster.

Ways to Improve Drill work

Focus on what you are doing- Concentrate on the skill you are trying to perfect. It will payoff.

Don't just go through the motions. I've seen few things that will improve your swimming as much as just really trying hard.

Take it seriously- Drills are often seen as fun or a point in practice to mess around and talk, but improving your technique should be top of your list. Yardage helps you build endurance but better technique will make you faster.

Slow down- Drill work should be done slowly and methodically. Never race while doing drills.


New Year New You

Drills to get the season back on track!

Classic Catch-up Drill- works on breathing, rotation and kick. Slow down and focus on one arm at a time.

Breaststroke with fly kick or Cobra Drill- works on pivot, hip rotation, and faster arm motion. Focus on rotating your hips.

Shoulder and Head tap- works on body position. Arm up at hip and into water in a long straight line.

Tarzan Drill or Riverstroke- works on body position, kick, and arm alighnment. Focus on keeping your head straight and still.

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