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-Is more than a link between between your mental and physical health but a connection between what you can and can't achieve. Swimming might seem purely physical but mindset plays a huge role in your recipe for success. This connection can lead to bad habits, such as, negative self-talk or performance anxiety. Or good habits like confidence and positivity. Because , success, it would seem, starts within!

Which leads to my belief that swimmers need more time off between seasons and defined rest days during season.

As a coach and former swimmer I have seen huge benefits in doing so.

The off-season is not just about getting caught up on sleep, but time to reflect and process what you did through the course of the year. Swimming isn't just physically draining. The mental toll of practice and competition is an often overlooked factor. Having the time to allow your body and mind to absorb what it learned is crucial. Giving swimmers a Period to Process allows time for reflection on what worked, and what didn't. Goals. Dreams. As well as all those things you worked so hard on during practice time to click. Whether that happens consciously or not, my experience is it's more likely to happen during those off-season periods or after being rested.

It is important to realize that your mind holds influence over your body. Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings can affect everything you do, from being sick to your swim performance. Let's not overlook it's impact.

Train the brain to develop the mind-body connection

-Pay attention to what is going on around you.

-Be present- mindfulness can lead to huge breaks.

-Improve your perception

Other Ways to Improve
  • Down Time Between Seasons

  • Meditation

  • Exercise

  • Eat Healthy

  • Stay Hydrated

  • Sleep

  • Listen to Music

  • Keep A Journal

  • Practice Yoga

  • Spend Time Outdoors In Nature

  • Laugh

  • Friendships

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