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Reset Your Mindset

Mindset is the established perception, inclination or beliefs that we hold about ourselves. It can determine our behavior, viewpoint, and mental attitude. In the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck, (Professor of Psychology at Stanford University). There are two mindsets, A fixed mindset and a growth mindset (Dweck, C.S. (2006). Mindset: The new psychology of success.

Growth mindset is where a person’s belief is constructed around the idea that abilities can be developed with focus, hard work and commitment. Those with growth mindset learn from mistakes.

Fixed Mindset is when a person believes traits such as natural ability and even intelligence are genetic abilities. They tend to spend time documenting their talents and less time working on developing them and are defined by either their failure or success.

Tips to improving Your Mindset

Be Kind To Yourself-

Talk to yourself the way you would a stranger. If you don’t love yourself who will?

Identify areas you have a fixed mindset-

Your mindset isn’t static; you probably have a growth mindset in certain areas and a fixed mindset in others.

Praise Effort Not Ability-

Take pride in your hard work and celebrate your ever-increasing capacity to learn and develop new skills.

Challenge Yourself-

Always allow yourself the opportunity to grow whether with a skill you already have or new ones.

Seek Feedback-

Take advantage of your coach’s expertise. Others can make you better.

Keep A Journal-

A great way to keep track of goals.

Use the power of the word “yet.”-

It takes some swimmers longer to develop technique and speed. Remind yourself you haven’t mastered it “yet.” Reframing the way you think about your progress by using “yet” - this leaves room for possibility and reminds you that with time and hard work you will become the swimmer you want to be.

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