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Over-Kicking In Practice

Kicking moves you through the water. It builds speed, stabilizes, and helps you to swim more efficiently. Having a great kick makes for a great swim. Which is why learning to properly kick, as well as developing kick endurance is a crucial practice element.

Can there be too much kicking during practice?

Absolutely! Especially if swimmers are allowed to remain above water during the sets. Keeping your head above the water while kicking places the swimmer in a stress position. Kicking exclusively in this stress position can increase the risk of neck, back and shoulder pain, and even injury.

What is proper kicking position?

Kicking, even in drills should mimic your natural swimming position. Goggles on. Face in the water. Hands at the bottom of the board. Whether kicking face down in the water or in SLOB(streamline on back) kicking should be in a nice, long streamline position.

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