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Better Freestyle Breathing



  • Don't over rotate your head when taking a breath. Eyes should be on the lane-line next to you not the ceiling.

  • Bi-lateral Breathing- helps balance your stroke & helps control breathing.

  • Empty your lungs by exhaling into the water before rotating your head for a breath.

  • Pretty much every movement in swimming is connected to your core. Breathing is no different. Tighten your core when taking a breath. It will keep you in proper body alignment and help stop your legs from bowing.

  • Don't breathe off the wall! It stops the momentum you worked so hard to create with your flip-turn!

What Is Bi-lateral Breathing on both sides while swimming freestyle. You may not want to bi-lateral breathe during meets but you should always train bi-laterally.

 Why should you do it?
  • It balances your stroke. Having a weaker side leaves you susceptible to injuries.

  • Teaches you to control your breathing.

  • Helps you swim straighter.

  • Gives you better side to side roll. 

  • Studies have shown that the way you breath during freestyle has major effect on both technique and speed. 

This is a great breathing control drill- but at the end of the night it may be overwhelming for some swimmers. Important to remind swimmers that this is a challenge and to just do their best!

5/7/9 Freestyle Drill

5 pulls then a breath

7 pulls then a breath

9 pulls then a breath


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