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A College Experience

    College is an interesting time in your life. It’s when you start to take your

first steps into a larger world, and begin figuring out who you are, and who you want to be.
    A time and place somewhere halfway between adulthood and adolescence where you have a chance to grow as a person amidst the independence it allows you. For many people it ends up being a fresh start in a new place with new people.

    If you’re a swimmer, you might want to continue your athletic career in college. Between the different divisions of schools, and the hundreds of universities across the country, there is a college swimming program for anyone who wants to keep swimming. As a freshman coming in, it can be hard to get your bearings at first, especially if you’ve lived in one place your entire life. I found that being on the swim team made this transition easier. My teammates were an instant peer group, one that I first connected with during freshman orientation, and have been a source of friendship, fun, motivation and support ever since. Being on the team didn't just make practice easier, but helped me navigate through campus-life. We didn't just practice together, but ate together, studied together, celebrated together and travelled together during all of our team trips and finals. Being on the team unified us- as does swimming. Even if you aren't the best of friends you find that you respect them for their hard-work and dedication to the team.

    My college experience is coming to an end but I expect the friendships I have made and my connection to my teammates to endure.

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